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Focusing on quality, reducing waste & carbon emissions


Quality, Long-Lasting Product

A Batela jacket is iconic and designed to transcend seasons and trends.

In the South African climate, it can be worn throughout the year and for various functions ranging from travel, city lunches, bush trips, and beach walks, to weekends in the winelands.

If care and washing instructions are followed, your Batela jacket can last for years. Each jacket is a quality investment piece that is and will remain a wardrobe staple.

Our Batela jackets are made from vegan-friendly materials. The materials used to make up the jackets have been tested by globally standardized, independent testing and certification system STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® and are certified to carry the label.

Reducing Waste

When we started Batela SA, we set out to make unboxing a beautiful experience. The packaging process was to neatly fold and wrap each jacket in multiple sheets of tissue paper, seal the parcel with a Batela sticker, place the wrapped jacket and inserts into the personalized box, secure the lid to the box using dyed twine, and hand it over to the courier for delivery.

We were proud of our packaging, but as our business started to grow and we spent more time in retail, we realized that customers were not simply looking for a good unboxing experience; it needed to be kind to the environment too.

In response to this, we took time to reconsider our packaging, and ultimately agreed on a biodegradable PVC resealable bag. The resealable bag is better than our first packaging as it is:

The resealable bag is better than our first packaging as it is:

This contributes to a lighter load for the courier company.
Extremely compact
It takes up less space in a delivery vehicle than our previous packing.
Protecting your beautiful jacket, and valuables when re-used.
Think bag for keeping valuables dry on the beach or on a boat, protecting clothes during overseas travel, carrying charging cables, or even storing kids’ toys. The bag can also be given to someone less fortunate if you no longer wish to use it.
Biodegradable & recyclable
However, we do recommend donating rather than discarding it, where possible.

Reducing Waste

In addition, we reduced our inserts and are now down to a single card. The card contains a QR code where our washing & care instructions are displayed - previously, washing instructions was a separate insert. We also removed the attractive, but unnecessary, sheets of tissue paper. Our stickers and twine are a thing of the past too. In these ways, we have reduced waste in our packaging.

Opting for Environmentally-Conscious Logistics

We rely on DSV Locker courier services to dispatch most of our orders. It is cost-effective and convenient, and by consolidating smaller shipments into larger loads, fewer vehicles are needed which results in reduced fuel emissions and expenses. Thanks to our new packaging, the fact that our shipments are both smaller and lighter than before also plays a positive role in reducing the emissions of DSV.

As a company, DSV is committed to reducing the adverse impact of its own operations on the environment wherever possible, and contributes to lowering the CO2 emissions in its day-to-day business.

By dispatching shipments using DSV Locker, we are contributing to environmentally-conscious logistics.


There is no legal obligation on Batela SA to reduce its carbon emissions. However, we believe that we have an ethical and moral obligation to the planet and our customers to do so.

As demonstrated, we are actively reducing our emissions by choosing more efficient ways of packaging and delivering our products.

However, we have gone further.

We have partnered with Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) a leading section 21 Non-Profit Organisation that addresses food security, environmental sustainability, carbon emissions, and greening. In its 31 years of operation, FTFA has established itself as one of the best social development organisations in Africa.

Through Trees for All, FTFA’s award-winning programme, we have donated 100 fruit and indigenous trees to be sustainably planted at pre-vetted sites in Tembisa, Gauteng during May. In this way, we are contributing to a healthier, greener environment, while offsetting our carbon emissions and transforming the surrounding environment.

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We calculate our emissions using the FTFA carbon calculator and offset them by planting trees through the Trees for All programme.

The effect is that your purchase will be carbon neutral, at no additional cost to you.

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