The outer layer of your Batela jacket is made of polyurethane.* This material is
waterproof. The lining of your Batela jacket is either 100% cotton, fleece-lined or lined in a mesh material, depending on your choice of jacket.

*If you own a Murcia C3064 or Rioja C3068, the outer layer of your jacket is made of polyester; while the Getaria C3081 outer layer is made of nylon. These are all waterproof materials.

To clean your Batela jacket, we recommend that you hand wash it with care, and then hang it up to air dry inside out. Alternatively, machine wash it inside out on a cold & delicate gentle spin cycle. Do not tumble dry or dry clean your jacket.

If your Batela jacket gets creased, simply hang it up to air. If the creases remain, or you are pushed for time, we recommend using a steam iron to remove any creases.